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Professional Home Builders for over 35 years, Duffy Builders Specialize in Contracting, Building Adirondack Homes; Great Camps, Luxury Lakefront Homes, Cabins, Cottages. Also Home Renovations, Remodeling, Additions, Custom Cabinetry, General Contracting. We may not always be the lowest bid but our work will be cherished long after!

Duffy Builders also custom build authentic Adirondack lean-to's, gazebos and Adirondack cabins. No two will ever be alike. Each are hand-scribed and hand-chiseled! Lean-to's in the Adirondacks date back for more than 100 years. As an Adirondack native, I have had many opportunities to spend quality time in authentic, Adirondack lean-to's. These opportunities have provided me with life-long memories that will always be cherished. I now bring this same opportunity to you. The chance to create your own cherished memories in an authentic Adirondack lean-to.

For more information, please contact Duffy Builders by phone or email at buildit@duffy-builders.com.

Charles (Tug) Duffy of Duffy Builders  ·  232 River Road  ·  Bloomingdale, NY 12913
Phone:518-891-6212  ·  Cell:518-524-6212  ·  Email: buildit@duffy-builders.com
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