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Duffy's Builders has over 35 years of building experience in the Upstate New York area. We specialize in building new Adirondack Homes, Camps, and Cabins, as well as additions and renovations.

Duffy's Builders offers competitive pricing and quality craftsmanship. We deliver the best combination of "time, cost, and quality" on any of our projects.

More recently Duffy's Builders started offering custom built, authentic Adirondack Lean-tos and Cabins. Our Adirondack Lean-tos designs that date back more than 100 years! Each structure we create is unique to itself, hand scribed and chiseled, and no two will ever look alike. Let us provide you the chance at creating your own Adirondack memories through our custom buildings abilities!

For more information, please contact Duffy's Builders by phone or email at buildit@duffy-builders.com.

Charles (Tug) Duffy of Duffy's Builders  · 
232 River Road  ·  Bloomingdale, NY 12913  · 
Phone:518-891-6212  ·  Cell:518-524-6212  ·  Email: buildit@duffy-builders.com
Charles (Tug) Duffy of Duffy's Builders
232 River Road, Bloomingdale, NY 12913
Phone:518-891-6212, Cell:518-524-6212
Email: buildit@duffy-builders.com
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